The members meet once a month, though only rarely for breakfast. A story from the Canon is assigned. Following appropriate toasts and a meal, comprised of gourmet-quality dishes brought by the members, members quiz each other on crucial points in the assigned adventure. 

In order to qualify for membership a person must have...

  • Devotion to "the best and wisest man whom I have ever known."
  • Outstanding skills as a cook.
  • A sense of humor.
  • A knowledge of the Canon and/or aspirations to become a Sherlockian scholar.
  • Some art in the blood.


News !

The Games Afoot


Scanning has begun of early non-electronic issues of Groans, Cries, and Bleatings

Read now the delightful Volume 1 Number 2 from October 1997. 

If you have Volume 1 Number 1, please add it to our collection.

Email to waltcolby@mac.com with information on your holdings of back issues.


BSBC Meeting Schedule for 2014 

January 5th            Birthday Celebration - Bob and Sally Sugarman  
February 22nd       Chuck and Linda Putney 
March 15th             Liz and Mike Fenwick 
April 12th               Sue Lewis
May 17th                Bob and Sally Sugarman  
June 21st               Jeanne Davis and Bruce Wheat
July 13th                Noon Sunday Pool Party- Bob and Sally Sugarman
August 23rd           Ruth Olsson    
September 20th    Jack and Norma Leavey
October 18             Annual Meeting - Sue Lewis
November 15th     Deb Perkins and Jerry Handspicker
December 20th     Christmas Party and Play - Janice and George Lerrigo 



Older News 

Landmark Community Theatre is presenting performances of "The Game's Afoot" 

at the Thomaston (CT) Opera House through February 23rd.


Sherlock Holmes Radio Play Performances in Connecticut

The East Haddam Stage Company is performing The Speckled Band in libraries around Connecticut.

The script is one William Gillette used in a 1930 broadcast.


The Speckled Band



















Sherlock Holmes: The Man And His Worlds

Proceedings of the 2010 Bennington Conference are now available. 

Sherlock Holmes: The Man And His Worlds

Proceedings of the 2010 Bennington Conference are now available.



The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry 

Visit the comprehensive website.

OMSI Sherlock Holmes Exhibition



Museum of London announces Sherlock Holmes exhibition in Autumn 2014:

Museum of London logo